Inheritance Planning Crossword Puzzle #1

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Inheritance Planning Crossword Puzzle #1

First off, thanks for taking the time to engage with our crossword puzzle.

OneDigitalTrust is committed to increasing knowledge about estate and inheritance planning. We’ve designed our platform to make users more educated and knowledgeable about the inheritance planning process and terminology so they’ll be better informed about their choices.

Bottom line:  the 65+ population in the U.S. is growing at an  unprecedented rate. Between 2020 and 2060 the number of older adults will increase by 69% (from 54 Million to 95 Million); during the same period, the 85+ population is projected to TRIPLE (from 7 Million to 19 Million)1.

We believe that at some point you’re likely to serve as an executor (or a support role) in the estate plan of a loved one or a friend in some way, so learning more about estate & inheritance planning makes sense. We’re motivated to think of creative ways to spread awareness about this topic and share important tidbits of information.

 1 Source: Population Reference Bureau (


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  Click on a clue (Across or Down) and the word will highlight in the puzzle
–  Type in the correct word to solve; click enter
–  If correct, a green check will appear; else a red cross will appear

 The puzzle is below – good luck completing it!


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About The Author:

Sonny Kapoor is CEO of OneDigitalTrust – it offers a B2B estate planning platform for firms to offer to their stakeholders.