Consider the power of delighting your customers
or employees, old & young with a lifelong
to create and manage their estate plan.

Our always-on digital offering will empower users
with a "do-it-yourself" estate planning platform to be
"always-prepared" for events across life stages.

Did you create joint plans and name your
new spouse as beneficiary?

Did you name a legal guardian
for your minor children?

Did you choose a representative to handle your
health decisions if you are incapacitated?

Did you make plans to care for your loved ones
with a handicap or special needs?

Did you update your plan & beneficiaries to
accommodate a change in marital status?

Did you clearly state your end-of-life preferences for your survivors to avoid trauma & indecision when dealing with the stress of your loss?

Did you make provisions for the well-being
of your devoted pet that gave you
years of unconditional love?

Life moves too fast for age-old estate planning approaches to keep pace.
Get your customers & employees an “always on” capability in their pocket.

They will thank you for it.

A Will or Trust for every adult American.

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What We Do

We have reinvented personal estate planning for the Digital Age. Our next-generation digital platform makes it simple for users to create and update their estate plans through life-stages. We offer our solution directly to financial institutions and in turn, they deliver it to their customers.



We work directly with financial institutions to augment their existing digital footprint and capabilities. We personalize the platform so that the financial firms can deliver the service to their customers as their own branded offering.

Eliminate physicality

Our new model upends the traditional approach of scheduling a face-to-face (physical) office visit to create a simple estate plan. In this new model the plan can be created & updated anytime, anywhere without constraints on the number and timing of changes (which means no incremental or added costs each time an update needs to be made).

Support models

We can configure our platform as a pure Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or self-service capability or as a “hybrid” model which offers essential human-assistance for users. The service is flexible and can be configured to deliver what will best service your customers.

Continuous delivery

The platform provides ”anytime access” capable of handling changes and updates to keep lockstep with a user’s movement through life-stages and wealth-cycle transitions. It facilitates “as needed” digital engagement for every customer in a contextually relevant manner.

Our Platform

Designed to deepen customer-relationships

Our platform will make it simple for your customers to protect their personal legacies and wishes.
Delivered as your service, they will thank you for it.

All digital platform

Rendered on both smartphone and computer and designed to extend your digital footprint immediately.

State Specific Coverage

Ability to create the essential estate planning documents that are state-specific Covers almost almost all U.S. states.

Simple yet comprehensive

Create core estate planning documents such as - last will, living will, durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney, revocable trusts and more.

Key roles selection

Effective selection of people to play key (fiduciary) roles in your estate plan. No role left out and backup individuals included.


Assets & Liabilities

Record both assets and liabilities and determine net worth. Refresh estate size automatically. Use analytical visuals to make better planning decisions.

Unlimited plan refresh

Update and renew the plan as may times as needed. With minimal effort, keep plan lockstep with life-stage changes & events.

Optimized input effort

Intelligent back-end integration to minimize user-input of detailed items. Ability to ascertain asset values and keep them refreshed.

Manage & Maintain

Tools to create, manage & maintain the plan and generate key insights on individual situation. Make ongoing adjustments and reconfigure the plan on as as-needed basis.

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