Are Your Clients Among The 170M Americans Without An Estate Plan?

If So, Their Legacy Is At Risk

Partner with OneDigitalTrust to offer your clients an online estate planning platform for creating a plan that protects their family’s future.

Why Your Clients Need An Estate Plan

Your clients are part of the 170 million Americans that don’t have a will, trust, or any form of an estate plan.  With over 68 trillion dollars of inheritance forecasted to be transferred over the next 20 years, families without any form of an estate plan will be negatively impacted. 

Without the proper estate plan in place, your client’s assets may be put into probate, creating delays in family members accessing their inheritance, creating significant tax implications, and creating an added level of stress and frustration not needed as families deals with the passing of a loved one.

Your clients need an estate plan, and you are in the ideal position to offer a solution enabling them to create one.

Here's Why You Are Positioned To Help

  • You already have a relationship with your clients and interact with them regularly
  • You are already speaking with them about financial planning and their financial future
  • You are a trusted source your clients turn to when needing to solve a financial planning problem
  • You offer complementary products and services that help your clients during other stages of their financial planning

How One Digital Trust Helps You Deliver Online Estate Planning To Your Clients

We know you are not in the digital estate planning business.  We are, it is what we do! Partnering with us to bring online estate planning services to your clients is the right choice to deliver a comprehensive, yet simple and easy-to-use online estate planning solution.

Here is how One Digital Trust makes it hassle free:

  • We offer a fully brandable platform and program; ready to roll out to your clients
  • We offer multi-level integration including single sign-on
  • We offer a robust set of estate planning services for your clients including wills, trusts, medical directives, power of attorney, and guardianship designators
  • Our intuitive platform interface walks users through onboarding and guides them through the completion of each document.
  • Our program is legally valid in all 50 states
  • We support your marketing efforts with Consumer Marketing Toolkits

Ready To Learn More?

Simply provide us with our contact information and we will show you how easy it is to offer a digital estate planning solution to your clients.