We believe that an estate plan is an individual’s most personal document containing deep wishes about family, wealth and death. Every adult American should have access and opportunity to a lifelong estate plan – one they can continue to shape as their lives evolve. In our endeavor, we aspire to transcend a singular financial focus and also incorporate a societal impact into our mission. We are confident we can profitably integrate such impact into the core economics of our business.

Our Principles

Our endeavor is also our passion. We seek group success over individual achievement and we play for each other - enthusiastically. We are committed to remain focused to on our vision and we strive to deliver on both profitability and mission-impact. Here are the principles that guide our everyday work:

Microfocus on Needs

Uncover deep, unmet needs and unlock new experiences to repeatedly delight customers.

Insist on Thrifty

Do the same with less waste, less expense, less resources. Do your part in keeping us honest.

Be a Modest Hero

Have unbridled ambition & achieve extraordinary outcomes. Then share the credit generously.


Foster Equal Participation

Push for even contribution by everyone. Balance use of airtime. Be deliberate in seeking different points of view.

Show Hunger for Learning

Obsess about learning everything in our space. And know well, what you don’t know.

Be a Rock

We will not get things right on our first or second tries. Show resolve, resistance and resilience - lots of it.

Our Team

Our team is made up of individuals with diverse experiences. Some of their previous roles have included – angel investing, management consulting, senior corporate executives and ex-entrepreneurs. The important thing is that each of us gets a charge from what we are doing. We believe that we are each responsible to perfect our collective performance and also to have fun.

Sonny Kapoor

CoFounder & CEO

Rocky Mehta

Co-Founder & CTO

Jim Marshall

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Darin Rogers

Lead Architect

Lenh Ho

Machine Learning Engineer

Maulik Dhameliya

Lead Engineer, Front-end


Document Automation Engineer

Dr. Judith Kolva

Personal Historian

Charles Schwabe

Personal Historian


Assistant (Trainee)

Our Investors

The business of OneDigitalTrust was conceptualized in early 2017 and the start-up was bootstrapped until May 2018. We closed on our Seed round in June 2018 from a financial institution and strategic investor.